Finishing 2017 with our traditional New Years Eve dinner.

It's probably a resolution but I'm not going to call it that

Saturday mornings

It’s probably a resolution but I’m not going to call it that. I am rediscovering that cooking is actually something that calms me. It’s something that I find relaxing, and can use it as a method of stress relief. Cooking has always been this way, for me. Somehow, through the stress and anxiety (amongst other things, mostly excuses), I got away from cooking.

So, I’m going to work my way back to it. My approach is that not every meal has to be a complicated recipe. It can be as simple as roasted veggies and rice. It’s the act of food prep that I find comforting, relaxing, stress relieving.

One of the keys to doing this is, like most things in life, good planning. I need to work on my meal planning, as that is something I’m really poor at. I think with a plan in place, and the ingredients in stock, I’ll set myself up for establishing a good routine for our (healthy) meals.

I'm so bad bad bad bad

This song appeared during “shuffle”. I forgot how fun this was (to listen to). The first time I saw the video (which is all over the place, in a good way) was when I searched Youtube for the share link.

She took off her collar. So, this is the cat version of topless sunbathing?

Bring on the montage

There are some songs that just work as montages in movies. Basically, you hear them, and the only accompanying “video” you envision is a montage, either from a movie that you have seen or (in my case) one that is made up.

First on the list? “Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses.…

How do I keep finding these places?!? Pretty darn good old fashioned donuts.


California perfect.

Heated bed. Has barely moved all afternoon.

A Christmas Duel (The Hives & Cyndi Lauper)…

I’m not sure I would want anyone other than Cyndi Lauper singing her part. This is perfection. Play it. Go buy it. Download it. Then blast it. Enjoy!

Afternoon sunlight

Five things for the week

  1. The "SWTLO Weekly" experiment has ended. I wasn't sold on the format and delivery of it. I still am working towards starting a newsletter for 2018. I just need to work on the formatting of it all.
  2. We... no, I. I have to become more comfortable with change. I want it. I seek it. I'm just not as comfortable with it as I would like to be.
  3. I'm starting to use the iPad Pro more and more as an all around device. This is to say that I am seeing where it fits into my workflows, and am slowly adapting things to accommodate it (not for the sake of accommodating, more for the sake of convenience).
  4. Write, read, photograph = more.
  5. I'm slowly working my way to replying with actual sentences on social media (in addition to liking or favoriting). It's all in my effort to just converse more. Less passive, more active.

My tools need to leave harbor

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

~ John A. Shedd

I have the physical tools. Plenty of them. They’re pretty, very well designed. They’re extremely functional, more than those that I first learned my skills with. I keep them clean, I keep their software updated, I keep them in safe places.

They don’t look used at all.

I have the physical tools. I need to put them to use. There need to leave the harbor.

Some music for your Monday

St. Vincent's "Los Ageless" feels both new and familiar. It makes me want to walk through downtown of a city. It makes me want to blast it in my car, loud, at the beginning of a road trip. It's a good one. 


That’s a bulgogi and roasted brussel sprouts taco. And is probably the best Korean-style taco I have ever had.

SWTLO weekly

Picture of the week Fall is pretty

This is a picture from Monday. I went out into my backyard to admire the trees and their color changes, which also prompted me to take a few more shots. I like the combination of the sky and the Fall colors in this one.

Five things for the week

  1. All of the abusive allegations, combined with our continued political strife (on all fronts) reinforces how systematically broken we are. Humans are naturally self-destructive, and it's showing. All goes to prove that we all need to start making better, more thought out, more compassionate and empathetic choices (which then translate to actions).
  2. I need to refocus on self-care.
  3. Tuesday morning's commute (by train) was peaceful. I really enjoyed just sitting and listening to music. Nice change of pace (from the regular carpool).
  4. I need tomato the SoCal trip happen. Family is important. These are ties I will not get back.
  5. I need to refocus on creating.

Recently Read

I have mentioned it a few times (over the past couple of weeks). I finally made time to finish Celeste Ng's Little Fires Everywhere. Fantastic Read. Highly recommended to everyone. She, with her two novels, has solidified herself as one of my favorite authors.

Most of my other reading has been focused on technical and “process” manuals. I am working to get some of our processes (at work) back to focusing on fundamentals. I want us to do the basics really well before we begin building upon things again

Recently watched

Just want to point out that Speechless, Fresh Off The Boat, and The Good Place are my current favorite network shows. Great writing and all underrated.


//I’m 90% sure that I will start a weekly newsletter for 2018, similar to this format.

Classic Fall colors

Classic Fall colors

I know it’s a little cliche but, I am loving the Fall colors around here. This was taken from my backyard. The trees are just outside of my fence.

Classic Fall

Fall colors this morning.

Some music for your Monday

Love Zara McFarlane’s cover of “Fussin' and Fightin”. Have a great week!…

SWTLO weekly

Photo of the week

Fall colors finally starting to appear

The Fall colors are just starting to come in. It really makes for great scenery wherever we go (around here).

Five things for the week

  1. I notice that a lot to these (five things...) tend to be the same. They end up being affirmations and encouragement; they're thoughts and terms meant to keep me enthusiastic about doing things for the better. Are they working? Well, let's just say that there's a reason so many of them seem like they keep repeating.
  2. Coming to terms with just being okay using my iPhone camera to take pictures. Sure, I would love to use my other cameras but, practically, I'm just not carrying those wherever I go (like I used to).
  3. I'm almost done with Instagram. The timeline algorythm is horrible; I'm seeing the same photos (some of which I have already liked) appear over and over again. And, I am missing posts from friends and people that I want to see posts from. It's getting to the point where it's just not enjoyable anymore.
  4. This week was a bad one, at work. Two projects hit major blocks, proof that we are trying to do too much with too little resources. And further proof that I am stretched too thin. I need to find a new approach to these projects. If I don't, this week looks to be just as bad as last.
  5. I hate that, for the last few months, by the time I get to the weekend I am out of steam. Both my mind and my body are too tired to do anything enjoyable. I spend the weekends trying to recuperate or catch up. I also have noticed that some of the weekends I have been sick. I'm not taking care of myself. I need to do better.

Recently read

Working through Celeste Ng's Little Fires Everywhere. It's a good read, I just haven't dedicated the time to get through it. I also have a good 4-5 books that I want to start immediately afterwards.

Recently watched

  • Stranger Things 2 - A fun season. Not quite the same magic that Season 1 had but, I love the ensemble cast and the overall nostalgia that this show brings. It's a mash of Goonies, E.T., and so much more from the 80s that I just enjoyed.
  • The House - a fun movie. Not too serious, just something that one could watch without having to put too much brain power into it. I just about love anything with Amy Poehler in it.

//I’m trying out a new weekly format, more to keep track of the things I have read and watched. It’s also a format that, I hope, will evolve as I look to put together a weekly email newsletter.

Fall colors finally starting to come in.

SWTLO weekly

Photo of the week Telepresence robot!

A telepresence robot! Derrick Coburn, from American University, took part in a panel and spoke about inclusive technology, and how tech can be used to include and empower those with disabilities. And ever since, I have decided that I want to become more involved in this space (of the technology industry).

Five things for the week

  1. I feel out of routine(s) on a lot of different fronts, over these past few weeks. This next one will be me, taking things slowly, and rebuilding those routines.
  2. I need more music in my life.
  3. The trees around my home are (finally) beginning to change color. My first thought was "I need to photograph those!" but the better thought is "I need to stop down and just enjoy those!".
  4. I don't need new/upgraded devices. I need to use the ones I have more efficiently, more deliberately, and more productively.
  5. There more creative outlets I use, the more productive I am.

Recently read

Just a little more progress, from the past two weeks, on this front. I am currently reading a couple books, and plan to report on them in next week's post. At least I'm reading! Makes me happy.

Recently watched

My appreciation for The Good Place and Speechless is growing. My wife and I also started Stranger Things 2, which is just a fun favorite.


//I’m trying out a new weekly format, more to keep track of the things I have read and watched. It’s also a format that, I hope, will evolve as I look to put together a weekly email newsletter.

Suspend Gurriel, and show respect

The Houston Astros, and Major League Baseball, have a chance to show the works that respect > a game. Suspending Yuri Gurriel, for at least one game, would be a great gesture of leadership, on a world stage. Let everyone know that racism is not acceptable in any form.

SWTLO weekly

Photo of the week

When I have reign to build my own burger

I didn’t like The Counter at first but, over the years, it has grown on me. I finally found a great combination: black bean and corn salsa, spinach, roasted cherry tomatoes, 1/3 lb beef patty cooked medium, pepper jack cheese, bacon, avocado, and brioche bun.It was so good.

Five things for the week

  1. My best day? Making sure my wife had a great birthday .We did a "treat yo self" afternoon. Seeing her happy made me so happy.
  2. The downside about Fall? Halloween.
  3. I'm working on my everyday carry... I think I'm just two decisions away from having to carry a murse. Part of it is having a bigger phone (iPhone 8+). I like it but it's a pain to carry around in a pocket. The other part is wanting to carry a camera around again. Proper camera, not just relying on my phone.
  4. The Dodgers in the World Series makes me so happy. So happy.
  5. I'm becoming increasing grateful for the life I have. It's a good life. And the more I realize how much I have, the more grateful I become.

Recently read

Continued frustration here. The only things I read this week were proposals and guides and white papers and... and... all work related. Boo.

Recently watched

I like that I don't anything to report here. I didn't have time to watch anything on a screen, and i think that's a good thing.


//I’m trying out a new weekly format, more to keep track of the things I have read and watched. It’s also a format that, I hope, will evolve as I look to put together a weekly email newsletter.