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It's probably a resolution but I'm not going to call it that

Saturday mornings

It’s probably a resolution but I’m not going to call it that. I am rediscovering that cooking is actually something that calms me. It’s something that I find relaxing, and can use it as a method of stress relief. Cooking has always been this way, for me. Somehow, through the stress and anxiety (amongst other things, mostly excuses), I got away from cooking.

So, I’m going to work my way back to it. My approach is that not every meal has to be a complicated recipe. It can be as simple as roasted veggies and rice. It’s the act of food prep that I find comforting, relaxing, stress relieving.

One of the keys to doing this is, like most things in life, good planning. I need to work on my meal planning, as that is something I’m really poor at. I think with a plan in place, and the ingredients in stock, I’ll set myself up for establishing a good routine for our (healthy) meals.

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