Five things for today, 12/5

  1. Mental health day. Though I am also feeling physically under the weather.
  2. I know why I feel like I do. I know what needs to happen in order for me to not feel this way. Yet, I feel this way, and am okay feeling this way for now.
  3. Reading a book at night, before going to sleep, has made a big difference in a lot of things lately. Gotta keep this routine going.
  4. Keeping in mind: context, not comparison.
  5. Gratitude for, and to those granting space.

Today’s mood: Diamond Head - “Am I Evil”.

Today’s mood: Diamond Head - “Am I Evil”. 🎵

Five things for today, 12/04

  1. Ugh, Mondays. Am I right?
  2. HVAC inspection today. All is good, even got complimented for keeping up with the intake filter changing.
  3. Great Adoptee group (virtual) session where I learned a lot from the other participants’ shares.
  4. In-n-Out for dinner as a nice treat!
  5. Today's mood: Smokey Brights - "Dance Until We Die"

Watched: Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) 🎥

Loved the heart in this movie.

Watched indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023). 🎥

Some fun moments and felt more like the original trilogy.

Watched Lessons in Chemistry, s1. 📺

Really well done series. Now intrigued by the book (that I just added to my list).

Very much looking forward to seeing Godzilla Minus One (2023) as well.

I’m excited about the upcoming Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (2024) but still wish we had more time with Charlize Theron inhabiting that role.

Finished reading: Happiness Falls (Good Morning America Book Club) by Angie Kim 📚

A wonderfully touching story incorporating perspectives from those we need to immerse ourselves in more often.

Today’s mood: Nirvana - “Scoff”. 🎵

Play it loud enough to feel the drums in your chest.

Watched A Walk in the Woods (2015). 🎥

A light-hearted book adaptation, entertaining and cute.

Finished reading: Hydra Medusa by Brandon Shimoda 📚

Really enjoyed this collection.

Watched Minari (2020). 🎥

Wonderful. Loved every second.

Watched: The Farewell (2019). 🎥

I avoided this for a while because I knew it would hit hard. It did.

Watched Frybread Face and Me (2023). 🎥

What a gorgeous movie.

Five things for today, 11/21

  1. I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm very grateful for this week's 2-day workweek (today being the last work day). In retrospect, I should have taken the entire week off.
  2. Lunch was good, not great. I tried the chicken molé from the Mexican restaurant near the office (that I've begun to frequent for their patio). All of the other stuff I've had there has been really good. But better is the service and conversations I have with the staff. Good people.
  3. Grateful for being able to leave the office early, today. Let the relaxing (until next week) begin!
  4. That I could write the things that I want to write.
  5. That I could photograph the things that I want to photograph.

Today's mood: Al-Fajer Group - “Halalalalayya”.

Five things for today, 11/20

  1. The start of something really cool, that I can't talk/post about publicly yet, happened today. I'm very excited to go through the process.
  2. This evening's adoptee peer group talk around traditions was both illuminating and somber.
  3. I want to cook more often. I really do. But I can't seem to turn the want into a do.
  4. I'm grateful for the 2-day workweek.
  5. All things are pointing towards making a change yet, why am I still resisting?

Finished reading: The Mysteries by Bill Watterson 📚

This was amazing. So proud to have this on my shelf. Just amazing.

Finished reading: Fire in the Canyon by Daniel Gumbiner 📚

A fictional albeit very real story about the wildfires in California, and the people they affect.

Five things for today, 11/17

  1. “You’re not an imposter, you’re a participant. We’re all participants” ~ Joy Harjo, Why She Writes, An Afternoon with Joy Harjo
  2. No meeting Fridays are invaluable for my mental health.
  3. Sometimes a good jalapeño and cheddar bagel just makes your entire day.
  4. Really appreciate the great customer service from the autobody shop.
  5. Rain this evening, and into the weekend. Couldn’t be happier!

Five things for today, 11/16

  1. Take care of those who take care of you.
  2. I got to respond with “in my dreams, I don’t work” to the question “what is your dream job?” today.
  3. Inadvertently scared my neighbor this morning, when I opened the front door to get a package that was delivered, and she was on our steps in her bathrobe. Turns out the package that was delivered was actually hers, and they just delivered it to the wrong porch. We shared a good laugh.
  4. I love the “let’s circle back at the beginning of the year” time of year that we’re in at work.
  5. Cats, right?

Today’s mood: Gen and the Degenerates - “Big Hit Single”.

Listening to some very wise words from Joy Harjo, during her Library Speakers Consortium chat “Why She Writes”.