Do I need this? No. Now, want is a different conversation. Commodore 64 tribute keyboard.

This weekend’s storm brought a few nice downpours of rain but nowhere near the levels that those up in the mountains received (blizzard conditions!).

This was a happy scene to end the weekend with sunlight, blue sky, and the storm clouds moving east and away.

Storm clouds move to the left of the frame while the golden orange sunlight from sunset bounces off the bottom of them.

Watched: Laxaþjóð | A Salmon Nation. 🐟🎥

Eye opening and anger inducing. We (humans) are just hellbent on destruction.

Really appreciated this stroll down memory lane, courtesy of Nintendo’s “The Legend of Zelda Orchestra Concert (Nintendo Live 2024 TOKYO)". 🎵🎮

Today’s mood: Yuma Abe - “Omaemo”. 🎵

Today’s mood: Cameo - “Word Up” 🎵

Just wandering down memory lane and this evoked some middle school dance memories.

Listened to: This Is Love Episode 82: The Care and Keeping of You. 🎙

A great episode featuring Valorie Schaefer, a Korean Adoptee who worked at American Girl, wrote the book The Care and Keeping of You and had big influence at the company.

Ooh, loved this cover of Concrete Blonde’s “Joey” by Kaitlyn Schmitt and members of her fellow area cover bands. 🎵

Not only that, I was the first person of Chinese descent to fly on the Shuttle, and the Chinese community had taken a great deal of interest. You have to understand the Asian culture. You don’t just represent yourself; you represent your family. The first thing you learn as a kid is to bring no shame to the family.

What happens when an astronaut in orbit says he’s not coming back?

Asian parents… the struggle is real.

My favorite image from today’s Flickr browsing session is Angelo Richardson’s “Banana Grooves”.

Rainy day hot and sour soup, definitely will keep me warm through the rest of the afternoon. Also made my day a little better after cutting my knuckle open while helping the dishwasher repair guy.

Today’s mood: Concrete Blonde - “Joey”. 🎵

Watched Reacher s2. 📺

Love the characters and looking forwards to another season.

Today’s Flickr browsing highlights include an Ephippiger diurnus (chicharra alicorta) (by Javier Rupérez), a bear (by Jenny), and a portrait (by Sal Patalano)

Today’s mood: Laura Jane Grace - “Birds Talk Too” 🎵

“oh the birds talk too they just have much better things to say”

Life supports life.

Different moss and lichen, with different shades of green, grow on a tree branch.

Watched Fargo s5. 📺

As expected with this series, great performances all around.

Sun bather.

Close up, a diluted tortie cat basks in the sun coming from the nearby window. She is looking off camera.

From this morning’s Flickr browsing, loved Diana Robinson’s picture of two Great Egrets in breeding pummage. Fascinating!

Today’s mood: Depeche Mode - “Policy of Truth”. 🎵

Still on my Depeche Mode kick for the nostalgia. Some great memories coming to light with each listen.

Still fascinated by the green and the moss(?) growing on the trees.

A tree grows slanted to the left of frame. Moss grows on the lower third of the tree trunk.

Listened to: Ologies, “Carcinology (CRABS) Part 1 with Adam Wall”. 🎙️

Can’t wait for Part 2. As usual, learned so much from this podcast.