@ptrck I would switch mortgage lenders but 1) I would need to refi to do that and all rates are too high right now, and 2) all mortgage lenders are this shady.

@ptrck the reality, while it’s nice to dream about having different bikes for different purposes, is that the GT will tide me over until I get that gravel bike. Then the gravel bike will be rigged out with racks for gear, and go with me on trips. One (really good) bike to rule them all!

@miguelmanalo but all that to say, you'll feel nervous about riding but don't let that stop you! Same with he job rejection. Keep at it, you are worth it!

@hawaiiboy that looks pretty cool. Glad you're finding ways to get out. How much longer before you go back to work?

@miguelmanalo oh man, so sorry your day is doing you dirty like that. I hope the rest of it gets better, at least. A long time ago I got nailed by a car, and rolled all the way across their hood. They didn't stop. My bike was totaled and my face and arms were scraped up. Took me a while to feel safe riding on the streets again (I rode on dirt trails until I felt comfortable again on the streets).

@bradbarrish @miraz chiming in to second Dan Bailey. Love his Youtube channel. Really good practical advice.