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Picture of the week Fall is pretty

This is a picture from Monday. I went out into my backyard to admire the trees and their color changes, which also prompted me to take a few more shots. I like the combination of the sky and the Fall colors in this one.

Five things for the week

  1. All of the abusive allegations, combined with our continued political strife (on all fronts) reinforces how systematically broken we are. Humans are naturally self-destructive, and it's showing. All goes to prove that we all need to start making better, more thought out, more compassionate and empathetic choices (which then translate to actions).
  2. I need to refocus on self-care.
  3. Tuesday morning's commute (by train) was peaceful. I really enjoyed just sitting and listening to music. Nice change of pace (from the regular carpool).
  4. I need tomato the SoCal trip happen. Family is important. These are ties I will not get back.
  5. I need to refocus on creating.

Recently Read

I have mentioned it a few times (over the past couple of weeks). I finally made time to finish Celeste Ng's Little Fires Everywhere. Fantastic Read. Highly recommended to everyone. She, with her two novels, has solidified herself as one of my favorite authors.

Most of my other reading has been focused on technical and “process” manuals. I am working to get some of our processes (at work) back to focusing on fundamentals. I want us to do the basics really well before we begin building upon things again

Recently watched

Just want to point out that Speechless, Fresh Off The Boat, and The Good Place are my current favorite network shows. Great writing and all underrated.


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