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Five things for the week

  1. The "SWTLO Weekly" experiment has ended. I wasn't sold on the format and delivery of it. I still am working towards starting a newsletter for 2018. I just need to work on the formatting of it all.
  2. We... no, I. I have to become more comfortable with change. I want it. I seek it. I'm just not as comfortable with it as I would like to be.
  3. I'm starting to use the iPad Pro more and more as an all around device. This is to say that I am seeing where it fits into my workflows, and am slowly adapting things to accommodate it (not for the sake of accommodating, more for the sake of convenience).
  4. Write, read, photograph = more.
  5. I'm slowly working my way to replying with actual sentences on social media (in addition to liking or favoriting). It's all in my effort to just converse more. Less passive, more active.

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