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Photo of the week Telepresence robot!

A telepresence robot! Derrick Coburn, from American University, took part in a panel and spoke about inclusive technology, and how tech can be used to include and empower those with disabilities. And ever since, I have decided that I want to become more involved in this space (of the technology industry).

Five things for the week

  1. I feel out of routine(s) on a lot of different fronts, over these past few weeks. This next one will be me, taking things slowly, and rebuilding those routines.
  2. I need more music in my life.
  3. The trees around my home are (finally) beginning to change color. My first thought was "I need to photograph those!" but the better thought is "I need to stop down and just enjoy those!".
  4. I don't need new/upgraded devices. I need to use the ones I have more efficiently, more deliberately, and more productively.
  5. There more creative outlets I use, the more productive I am.

Recently read

Just a little more progress, from the past two weeks, on this front. I am currently reading a couple books, and plan to report on them in next week's post. At least I'm reading! Makes me happy.

Recently watched

My appreciation for The Good Place and Speechless is growing. My wife and I also started Stranger Things 2, which is just a fun favorite.


//I’m trying out a new weekly format, more to keep track of the things I have read and watched. It’s also a format that, I hope, will evolve as I look to put together a weekly email newsletter.

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