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Five things for the week

A weekly post of my top five thoughts/observations/suggestions for the past week. Every day I write (offline) a “Five things for today” post. These are taken from those posts. 

  1. I switched up my work machine again. I'm going "all in" with the Surface pro 4 (again). There's potential in that being the ideal machine for me; I'm thinking that I just need to give it some more time. And, of course, adjust my workflow slightly.
  2. Big dreams for this new home... we have already created quite a few lists of things to fill it with. Most are not tangible things.
  3. Grateful... I have a very good life.
  4. The day I stop being open to learning new things is the day I should be shuttered away from the rest of society.
  5. First work travel of 201y7 takes place the second week of the year. And, it's for a series of meetings that will start EVERYTHING. In a very good way.

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