Daily Prompt: Year

We can simplify it as a measure of time. The time it takes for our world, Earth, to orbit the sun. It’s used as a milestone, a goal. We divided them like chapters of a book. And we celebrate when one ends and the next one begins.

For me, it’s a chapter. Today, we begin another where I have lofty goals and renewed energy. I want to see how 2016’s cliffhangers find resolution. I am hopeful and intrigued and anxious and excited.

Some years are fast, some slow. It depends on your outlook. As a kid, a year was far too long. As an adult, a year goes by far too quickly. But over time I have come to realize that the year is simply what you make it to be. With enough focus and thought, you can speed and slow it at will.

Here’s to us making this year what we want it to be.

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