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Upgrading and admitting

I recently upgraded from an iPad Mini to an iPad Air.

A very important note: I have the world’s most supportive wife. Between my camera gear lust and my obsession with technology and gadgets as a whole, she has exhibited a tremendous amount of patience in allowing me to indulge in… toys.

So, I upgraded tablets. I absolutely loved the portability of the Mini (though, it’s not as if the full-sized iPad is not portable). But one things kept bothering me about it. It nagged and clawed at me. And I knew, deep dow, what it was. But, I refused to admit it. For, if I did admit to what it was, I was admitting to something far bigger than I was willing to face up to.

I realized that my frustration was growing across all of my gadgets. Suddenly, I began lusting after a Galaxy S5, or even a Galaxy Note. My Kindle just wasn’t cutting it anymore. And the reason became more and more evident but, my stubbornness still wouldn’t address it.

Until I caved. As we’re reading in bed, I looked over at my wife. “I need a bigger screen”, I admitted.

My eyesight has always been bad. And though I love the simplicity and portability of smaller devices, they just weren’t cutting it for me any more. I need the bigger screen to see, to read, to type. I’m getting older and I cannot do/see the things I was able to not just five years ago. I’m getting old.

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