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ah yes, that new year's resolutions post

2013-06-23 at 18-53-31

I think that 2014 will have a lot in store for me. As for resolutions? I'll pass on creating those for this year.

Why? Because, this year, I'm opting for goals. Quantitative, quality goals. Goals that are both challenging and realistic. They are centered around health, family and friends. They're focused on completing my own life by adding more dimensions. I want to create a more full, well rounded life.

Without listing them in detail, they can be boiled down to these (which may or may not read like resolutions):

  • Read more
  • Write more, blog more
  • Eat better (quality over quantity)
  • Take an obscene amount of photographs
  • Own my weekends
  • Play lots of golf
  • Work on my relationships (family and friends)

And to you, I wish you a very Happy 2014.

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