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Five things for today, 11/21

  1. I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm very grateful for this week's 2-day workweek (today being the last work day). In retrospect, I should have taken the entire week off.
  2. Lunch was good, not great. I tried the chicken molé from the Mexican restaurant near the office (that I've begun to frequent for their patio). All of the other stuff I've had there has been really good. But better is the service and conversations I have with the staff. Good people.
  3. Grateful for being able to leave the office early, today. Let the relaxing (until next week) begin!
  4. That I could write the things that I want to write.
  5. That I could photograph the things that I want to photograph.

Today's mood: Al-Fajer Group - “Halalalalayya”.

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