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Five things for today, 11/15

  1. I witnessed a young, entitled white guy yell “speak English!” at the server taking orders at the Chinese restaurant. Blood boiling, I stood up but one of the cooks behind her (the server) motioned to me “I got this”. I’m grateful that he did because I’m sure if he didn’t I wouldn’t be proud of what happened next. Not that it matters, but entitled white guy didn’t understand the server asking him if he wanted “egg drop or hot and sour soup”, and before he yelled “speak English” he exclaimed, loudly, “what the f*ck is hot and sour soup?!?.
  2. Box breaths, earbuds, and music. Exhale.
  3. My chicken and corn soup, with green onion pancakes, on a cold drizzly day was otherwise excellent.
  4. The more I think about competition in art, the less it makes sense.
  5. Bobby Fingers released a new (Youtube) video and it made me laugh out loud multiple times.

Today’s mood: Melenas - “Bang”.

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