Weekend things

I think I needed this weekend for recovery. It’s not that I was feeling sick but, it’s not that I was feeling 100% either.

We spent Saturday organizing some things around the house, including getting rid of some things that have been sitting in boxes in closets (“we’ll get to that later”) for too long. Feels good to have that finally taken care of.

I did some reading and writing for school, which was nice because I not only completed everything for the week but got a little head start on next week.

This morning (Sunday) I spent some time watering the garden and looking through the different raised beds. Not for anything in particular but making a point to pay attention and look for details, whatever they may be. The heat (95˚F plus) for the past few weeks have taken its toll, especially on the tomatoes and strawberries. They’re alive but very wilted.

Will keep an eye on them throughout this week, hoping to nurse them back.

After some meal planning and food prep I spent the rest of the afternoon vegging out in front of the tv. Which sounds bad but, as I said, I needed some recovery and it worked. At least, I think it worked.

Looking ahead to tomorrow (and the rest of the week) I’ll be focusing my efforts on making sure time spent on recovery was not wasted, and continues for at least a few days more.

Priority: physical and mental health.

Weekend’s misc.

  • Watched Luck (2022). I know I’m not the target audience for this and that said, this movie could have been much better than it was. I felt like it just took too much from other movies and nothing felt original.
  • Watched Lightyear (2022). Again, probably not the target audience. There was potential and I wanted to like it. But everything felt rushed and forced and far too formulaic.
  • Watched The White Lotus, s1. Interesting with some funny moments. Strong commentary on class, entitlement, money, and relationships. Very few characters with redeeming qualities which is disappointing but, I get it.