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Friday things

This will be the last of the “weekday things” posts, at least for a little while. As I said, yesterday, I enjoy these and their overall purpose needs to be thought through a little more if/when I start posting them again.

I like projects with end dates because well, that is part of what makes it a “project”. Defining goals and other parameters, along with identifying a deadline/end date. Otherwise it’s just work? Even just “the thing you do”.

Sometimes a project can become “the thing you do” which is perfectly fine. Blogging just might be “the thing I do” and I just might be overthinking it by trying different “projects” for it.

Perhaps it’s semantic, and I’m confusing “project” for “post format” or “template” or “approach” or “prompt” or “theme” or…

I did give it an end date, though. And I wrote 5 posts past that end date. And it was a fun project.

Friday’s misc.

  • So happy for the new episodes of Reservation Dogs. The first two episodes of season 2 were great. I really missed these characters.

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