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[6/12] Recently Read, Watched, and Listened


Unfortunately, nothing completed this week. I'm working my way through Viet Tranh Nguyen's The Sympathizer. Which, if the 1/3rd I have read is any indication, is an extraordinary read.


Raya and The Last Dragon (2021) - It's... a Disney movie. It follows the right formula for that. While I love the Asian characters (and voice actors), and I love the landscapes and world-building, I just wish there was more of that versus following the "Disney movie formula" (which is a generic story that we've seen a million times before).

Star Trek: The Original Series - currently at s1 e9. This series is, as the kids say, "thirsty". Or do they even say that anymore? You have to love the mix of sexuality, overacting, and outdated props and effects. And you have to love (and respect) the world, er... universe they have built for us to continue enjoying even in 2021.

Loki - currently at s1 e1. I'm burned out on Star Wars and Marvel material so I'm not exactly sure why I watched this (last night). I think it was out of boredom. I think it was overall a decent setup for wherever this series will take us but it didn't really grab me. Probably because I need a break from Marvel. A longer break.


This week’s rotation included Rilo Kiley, Radiohead, Japanese Breakfast, Hiperson, and The Mountain Goats.

[Single] “Boys at School” by Spellling - bring back the rock opera, all of them! 

[Podcast] No recommendations this week.

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