[6/5] Recently Read, Watched, and Listened


Goodbye, again, by Jonny Sun - Like reading a beautifully written blog. But I loved reading as a book (versus scrolling through posts on a website). Jonny Sun writes like I hope to some day.


Tulsa: The Fire and the Forgotten (2021) - The more I learn about this event, the more angry I get. Not only because the event itself happened, but because it was covered up for so long, and that there’s still resistance to the truths coming out. I understand the natural instinct to hide something so horrific but this is far too important to keep hidden any longer (let alone go without taking actions to heal, repair, and teach). Also, history class would have been far more interesting to me if we covered just half of the events that our school texts omitted. 

The Donut King (2021) - I’ve heard the story of “Uncle Ted” before but really just about the donut shop businesses. Loved this deeper, personal perspective from he and his family. 

Kim's Convenience - completed season 5. Sheesh, that's how the series ends?!? This season opened up a lot of great storylines that, unfortunately, didn't have a chance to fully bloom. It was a really good season but the abruptness of the business decision to end the show definitely makes itself known within the show itself. I'm going to miss the characters, all of them.


This week’s rotation included Hiperson, Rilo Kiley, The Mountain Goats, Japanese Breakfast (new album!), and Radiohead.

[Single] "A Better Son/Daughter" by Rilo Kiley - This appeared in the shuffle playlist a few times and it constantly reminded me how good this track is.

[Podcast] Criminal: On Fire - I know I recommend this podcast a lot because it's a must-listen every week for me. This episode lead me to want to read more about it (I checked the book out from the library) to learn more about why the people did what they chose to do. It's strange, the things we do "for love".