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Sunday morning bagel

a picture of an everything bagel topped with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and capers.
A favorite breakfast of mine, though I was out of tomato and red onion

I learned about Better half Bagel via Instagram, last week. It intrigued me. I haven't been on an intensive search for a good bagel since the pandemic began but, prior to I was always on the lookout for good bagel options in the area.

The photos (on Instagram) looked promising. Enough to make me follow the account. Ordering opened up on Thursday morning, pickup was this morning, Sunday.

a picture of a white oval plate with different kinds of bagels stacked on it.
More to enjoy throughout the week

They were great! I indulged in a sesame and an everything bagel and though I regretted having two, I didn't regret how great they tasted. The outside was nice and "crusty" while the inside pillowy and chewy.

I'll definitely be ordering again soon.

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