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[5/1] Recently Read, Watched, and Listened


My Brilliant Life, by Ae-ran Kim - I really liked the main character, how he saw the world and how his dialog seemed poetic at times. The story itself was overall ok but, I didn’t like the way it ended, and the book didn’t sit well with me. The more I think about it, it’s perfectly fine and worth reading (I do recommend it). It just wasn’t the right story for me. I, at least I think, know the reasons for some of the choices the author made, and they do make sense. It’s difficult to explain here. 

They Called Us Enemy, by George Takei, Justin Eisinger, Steven Scott, and Harmony Becker - What an extraordinary life. While I (thought I) knew the general story about his family's internment, there was a lot more that I learned here.


To Funny to Fail (2017) - I have a feint memory of The Dana Carvey Show. I can't believe the talent that they had for it, and it's a shame it didn't quite work out.

North Korea: Inside the Mind of a Dictator (2021) - I suppose this was interesting in that it went into more detail on his ordered assassinations and how his sister is coming into power. but the rest of it just seemed... generic.

WeWork: or The Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn (2021) - the best line was “I mean for God’s sakes, they’re renting f*****g desks”.  We really need to stop worshipping CEOs and find ways to decrease the emphasis and encouragement of tech bro culture.

Shrill - currently at s1 e2. I'm already impressed by how it started. I've heard good things and I like Aidy Bryant's work on SNL.


This week’s rotation included Japanese Breakfast, Caro Emerald, Buddy HollyCrimson Apple,

[Single] “Teenage Blues” by Sho-ta with Tenpack riverside rock’n roll band - I was cleaning out my (digital) notes and came across a page with just “‘Teenage Blues’ by Sho-ta with Tenpack riverside rock’n roll band”. I popped it into DuckDuckGo and was instantly reminded of how fun this track is. It rocks. I first heard it during this Nintendo release announcement and must have wanted to buy it later (and so I did).

[Podcast] No podcast recommendation this week.


Northgard - One match for a trade victory, played as Board clan. One match for a Special Map victory, played as Lynx clan.

R-Type Final 2 - I'm a fan of this franchise and I'm having so much fun with this game.

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