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Thought Chaos

Some things making me second guess doing anything with my Desktop PC, are articles like this. There are ongoing chip and gpu (graphics processing unit) shortages. And those that are available are marked up by resellers and product scalpers.

I'm posting this because, for me, this is something that serves as another reminder to take more things into account when setting out to accomplish, well... anything over the next few years. The pandemic has delayed many things, especially in supply chains, some of which we won't feel the effects of for a while still.

If anything, I'm learning patience (a much needed series of lessons). Not only in taking more time to think through planning and execution but, realizing and understanding that there is much more to take into account before even beginning the planning.

There isn't any lesson here, in this post. It's really me wondering "out loud" in a meandering way where you (as reader) might expect that I'm leading up to a big revelation but I (as writer) am really just another source of thought-chaos on the internet.

Thought Chaos should be the name of my band...

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