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My "avoid clicking" list for Youtube

This is the mental "avoid list' that I keep in my head but I wanted to get it out of there so it no longer took up any of my "headspace bandwidth".

Listen, the platform has some seriously good creators making some educational and entertaining content. I rely on Youtube for learning a lot of things, especially "how to" content from everything from cooking, typewriter repair, home improvement projects, and coding.

But, I refuse to click on videos that (in no particular order):

  • Use "the best", "all time greatest", "best ever" and other variations in their title.
  • Have posed thumbnails with ridiculous facial expressions.
  • Clickbait titles like "you'll never believe..." or "I was wrong about..."
  • Use the same generic music that every other channel is using (the music can be used in a game of "Is this a soundtrack for a Youtube channel or soft core p*rn?")
  • They start their script with "Hey guys" and/or "what's up?"
  • Their "ways to boost productivity" are product-based, not process-based.
  • Uses the work "honest" in the title.
  • Advertises "long term review" of something that they have used regularly for less than a year.
  • Videos in response to another channel's video(s).
  • Caucasian male explains things and/or shows off privilege (this really changes the algorithm for what is recommended to you, so please avoid these if at all possible).

It should go without saying but, I'm also quick to steer away from channels that use others' content without attribution (let alone compensation). There are a lot of copycat channels, and it's difficult to pinpoint the "original" but, there are plenty examples where they don't even try to hide the fact that they have stolen content and ideas.

The list can be (a lot) longer but these are the biggest ones for me.

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