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Another project

Please excuse the mess... though I really shouldn't have let it get to this state

My desktop PC was built by a (then) coworker's (then) teenage son, in 2015. I don't remember exactly how it came about other than he and I were talking about PC builds and that then led to me commissioning him to make me one.

My intention was to have a "light" gaming PC that I could use to revisit the occasional RTS (Real Time Strategy) games that I love. Games like Age of Empires (all three of them), Rise of Nations, and now Northgard.

I do occasionally use this for Windows-only applications on the (thankfully) rare occasions when I do need a Windows machine.

It still holds its own and really, there's no need to change anything about it. For a while, my wife was using it for remote work but, now that she has her own laptop, it sits on my desk, taking up space. I use it but, do I use it often enough to warrant a whole desktop tower taking up space on my desk? Or taking up any space at all?

I keep opening it up (the sides come off really easy for upgrades) and tinkering... usually just tightening screws and cables, or checking the motherboard for expandability and upgrade options. It doesn't need any upgrades but I feel like I should update it.

Sometimes I think about building a whole new PC from scratch, with a new enclosure and everything. Sometimes I think about opting just for a "gaming laptop" to use for an occasional session; something that I can hide away or take downstairs when I want to use it.

I'm just not sure yet... I don't want to make any drastic changes to my home setup until we're going back to the office regularly, just in case.

I do know that this weekend I'll be taking this completely apart so that I can give it a good cleaning, and maybe reroute the cables better (something I've been wanting to do since the beginning).

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