[4/10] Recently Read, Watched, and Listened


Though I didn't read a lot (recreationally) this week, I did revisit Kate Washington's Already Toast a few times. Chalk it up to aging (myself and those around me), the global pandemic, and even how we overall empathize and or care (or not care) for each other. It's disturbing. The author really points out some very alarming trends and real issues that I don't think get talked about enough; not nearly enough to properly prepare anyone, at least.


Brooklyn 99 - currently at s2 e21. In keeping up with the trend of just having something to play in the background, especially during those evenings where we just want to veg out and not think about anything serious happening in the world around us. Ridiculous escapism at its best.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier - currently at s1 e4. Yes, the serialized versions of superhero stories work far better than the movies. I really like everything from the tone, the pacing, and the... well, everything else. This is really well done.


This week’s rotation included Superorganism, Japanese Breakfast, Ranier Maria, David Bowie, Prince, Rachael Yamagata, and Fin.K.L..

[Single] "Lazarus" by David Bowie - I played this track a lot during the week; an indicator of the overall mood I was in.

[Podcast] Surprisingly, I don't have one to recommend this week. I didn't actually listen to any, which has added to my already growing backlog of shows/episodes to listen to.