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Early Spring garden progress

a picture of a redwood raised garden container with six tomato vines growing in it. the vines are on average 6-8 inches high.

In mid-February, I planted starts throughout the raised beds in my yard. Steady watering and care has given me a little bit of a routine during these past few weeks, giving me something both to care for and to learn from.

Growing things isn't new for me but, having this many things simultaneously is. This is my first time growing straw berries and my first "serious" attempt growing tomatoes.

The herbs are taking off, especially the parsley and the cilantro. I may have to dog around that bed to space out the rest of the plants a little more; the basil is getting "bullied" by the parsley (taking all of the sun and probably most of the water).

Each of the plants has (more or less) doubled in size from the time they were planted, which I'm taking as a good thing.

I have some shishito pepper and perilla seeds that I'll be planting soon, tempting fate by adding even more to look after.

A closer look at the tomatoes. They'll need cages soon.
a redwood raised garden with different herbs. Parsley and cilantro are very full and tall, taking over most of the space from the green onions, chives, basil, and rosemary.
Cilantro and parsley herbs that are taking over the entire bed
a redwood raised garden with carrots and seascape strawberries. The carrot tops are around 6 inches high. The strawberries are still low to the soil but are full.
Carrots and strawberries

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