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loud typing while working/playing at home

an angled picture of the new mechanical keyboard, a Logitech K845. The picture is angled so that you see the left-hand side's keys in focus, but the others are blurry.
new mechanical keyboard because I like to make noise

I needed another mechanical keyboard because I've become hooked on playing Northgard, and 1) my wife is using my normal gaming keyboard while she works from home, and 2) the bluetooth keyboard I was using for work wasn't able to keep up with me.

I opted for this in lieu of another gaming keyboard because I also wanted something with a lot less "flare" than the colorful backlighting most gaming keyboards have. Because, as I suspected, I'm in love with using this for work and almost everything else, too. The touch, the feel. The sound.

Seeing this on the desk makes me want to type. And play.

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