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St. Patrick's Day cottage pie

A picture of a square of cottage pie on a white plate. There are peas and carrots along with the ground beef, with a little spilling out on the plate. The mashed potato topping is nicely browned.
Too many peas and carrots in this cottage pie

This was my first time making cottage pie. I don't know why; it's so easy. Overall is was pretty good, though it didn't taste "meaty" like I was expecting (or wanted it to). There are some other recipes that I have bookmarked to try out sometime in the future.

It was a nice departure form the standard corned beef and cabbage dinners that I usually prepare for St. Patrick's Day. I'm considering making corned beef anyways (should be on sale now, after St. Patrick's Day) for sandwiches and hash.

Like most of my food photos, this was rushed because I was more hungry than interested in taking a picture. Looking at it now, there's quite a bit of (food styling) cleanup that should have been done here.

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