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[12/5] Recently Read, Watched, and Listened

Recently Read

This week left me with very little energy to read recreationally, having spent most of my workdays researching some different dynamic web design methodologies, and thinking through how we might approach our own effort (on our sites).

Recently Watched

Fargo - completed s4. This season, like the others, was filled with beautiful scenery, a great soundtrack, and generally good acting. This season did not grab my interest in the story nor fate of the characters. It lacked the same cohesion that season 1 and season 2 had. If you’ve been following along, you know that I got really bored with it about half way through and was only watching to see it end.   

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath - currently at s1, e8. Somehow I got sucked into this series (through Netflix). It’s really scary stuff and, well… disturbing. I’m not sure I’m going to be watching more of this. 

Star Trek: Discovery - currently at s3 e8. Episodes are much, much better when more of the crew/cast is involved. Even better when they have separate subplots/storylines. Detmer!  

The Mandalorian - currently at s2 e6. Great to see Ming-Na Wen back and there's a lot of great action in this episode. I almost felt every hit Boba laid out on the Stormtroopers. Also, how many times did Mando have to run up and down that hill in full armor?

Recently Listened

This week’s rotation included Tank and the Bangas, Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, Mariachi El Bronx, Adele, Ana Tijoux, and G.O.W.E..

[Single] "Ditty", by Paperboy - a throwback to my teen years. A friend posted this song on an Instagram story and it's been an ear worm ever since.

[Podcast] Song Exploder, Episode 198: Jewel - I didn’t like this song when it was first released. But I did notice how there seemed to be different versions of it played on air. This episode not only explains why that was but also has me listening to the track with a more open mind. 

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