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[11/14] Recently Read, Watched, and Listened

Recently Read

Nada to report here. At this point it's just embarrassing.

Recently Watched

Fargo - currently at s4, e8. Some speeches, some violence, some weirdness. Still no connection to any character or really any character arcs. At this point, I’m watching just to see it end. Like I’ve said before, season 2 was my favorite. I distiinctly remember being invested in a few character arcs, and not wanting the season to end because it was all so captivating. 

Star Trek: Discovery - currently at s3 e5. The USS Nog! The USS Voyager “J”! Tig Notaro asking for (and getting) a snack from her interrogator!  And, as usual, Michael Burnham has to be right smack in the middle of every single thing that doesn’t really make sense for her to be in the middle of. Nhan, we hardly knew you! I really wish this series would allow the other characters to shine (without her). Also a bonus: watching Michelle Yeoh and David Cronenberg verbally sparing during their scenes. 

The Mandalorian - currently at s2 e3. I liked this episode. Pirates! Though, the episode seemed to be over too quickly for me. It was fast-paced which isn’t a bad thing; I suppose I just wanted more of Katee Sackhoff as Bo-Katan Kryze, and the Nite Owls. 

3rd Rock From the Sun - completed the series rewatch.  This was really enjoyable. I think I laughed out loud at least once every episode. Much needed during 2020. There was a lot I remembered (from watching when it first aired) and a lot that I had forgotten about. This was a talented group of cast and crew; the combination of writing and acting made it so, so good. 

Recently Listened

This week’s rotation included Rage Against the Machine, AKMU, Ana Tijoux, Japanese Breakfast, and David Bowie.

[Single] "Birds" by The Churchhill Garden - When this first played I thought it was The Cranberries. Very similar, soothing sounding track.

[Podcast] This is Love: Episode 28 The Clearwater Monster - Practical jokers had the whole town fooled. I can see this still being possible today.

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