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Liner notes

After learning about the remaking of this album on NPR, I was immediately inclined to buy it. The movie "Harold and Maude" (watched as part of a film appreciation class in high school) first introduced me to Cat Stevens, and I feel nostalgic any time I hear one of his tracks.

Of the few CDs I have purchased in the last 10 yers, I have grown to appreciate the minimal packaging they come in. I love that the plastic jewel cases are less of a "thing", with the cardboard taking up much less space on shelves.

It's rare that an album has come with complete liner notes. usually there are a few things printed on the case but, this one came with a full booklet filled with lyrics and photographs.

Took me back to the days of reading them and looking at the artwork as the song was playing. A far more immersive experience.

And though I "ripped" the album so that I could add it to my iPod and phone, I still opt to play it on the CD player. The sound quality is noticeable, seemingly taking up space throughout the room instead of feeling like it's being shoved towards you from a single direction (the speakers).

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