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Finding my calm within the Asian Countryside

Like many, I started my "YouTube habit" watching a wide range of "how to" videos. I watch anything from cooking to home repair to software programming to photography. I like learning about a wide range of things.

Like many (according to their views and subscriber counts), I have discovered a niche*: countryside living videos. Specifically, ones from China and Korea. They're a mix of farming and cooking genres; not really "how to" though there's a lot that can be learned from watching them.

Which is what first intrigued me to seeking and discovering similar channels. I soon realized that I was watching them not to learn anything. I realized I was watching them because the combination of the stellar videography, editing, and music was relaxing. These videos calm me.

These are recent videos from my three favorites:

키미 Kimi
李子柒 Liziqi
Dianxi Xiaoge

My favorite thing about Dianxi Xiaoge's channel is (of course) Dawang, her dog.

There are many other channels like these. Some take place in suburban and even urban, modern living environments, and usually have a similar aesthetic.

* Is it even a niche? Probably more apt to call it a genre.

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