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[9/26] Recently Read, Watched, and Listened

Recently read

AG23 Issue 1: Elements - I love this photo “zine” so much that I purchased the print version of it. It’s beautiful and inspiring. 

How Much of These Hills is Gold, by C Pam Zhang - I always wondered why more stories weren’t told about Chinese (and other Asians) during the Gold Rush, railroad expansion, and Wild West eras. This novel dives right into it, following the dreams of a family of prospectors and their having to navigate around being treated as “other”. 

Next to Last Stand, by Craig Johnson -  The latest in one of my favorite (book) series. I loved the humor throughout, especially during the story's climax.

Recently watched

Star Trek: Short Treks - rewatched the original three and caught up on the remaining seven episodes. They’re light, short, and fun… enough to whet the whistle between seasons. 

Challenger: The Final Flight (2020) - I wrote about this here.

3rd Rock From the Sun - currently at s1 e11. Just started a series re-watch. We needed something fun and silly to get away from everything not fun nor silly (i.e. real life). Jane Curtain is too good in this.

Recently listened

This week’s rotation included Sublime, Incubus, Tool, and Led Zeppelin.

[Single] “In Heaven”, by Pelvis Wrestley - a unique sound, almost as strange as the group’s name. 

[Podcast] Every Little Thing - I have grown to love this fun podcast where they answer people’s random questions with a (usually) fun twist. Both educational and funny. And Flora’s puns are, well… she likes puns. The Stamps episode was particularly fun.  

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