Contemplating social media and my own use

Instagram, cut off from a steady supply of vacations and parties and other covetable experiences, had grown unsettlingly boring, its inhabitants increasingly unkempt and wild-eyed, each one like the sole surviving astronaut from a doomed space-colonization mission, broadcasting deranged missives about yoga and cooking projects into an uncaring void. Twitter, on the other hand, felt more like a doomed space-colonization mission where everyone had survived but we had to decide who to eat. Or like a drunken 3 AM basement fight club, a crowd of edgy brawlers circling each other, cracking their knuckles, waiting for an excuse. Only, it didn’t have any of the danger, or eroticism, or fun you might expect from a fight club.

~ from "Going Postal" by Max Read, on Bookforum

I don't have concrete decisions made nor do I know what my next actions are. I do know that 1) I don't want to delete my accounts, and 2) I want to use my social media with more intent.

Until I figure out how, I have deleted all social media apps from my mobile devices (accessing them only from a web browser on a computer) to give myself some time and space to figure this out.