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This is just the (breakfast sandwich) beginning

A hurried photo because I was rushing to eat this while it was still hot off the griddle

I want to try the breakfast sandwiches from Camellia Coffee but, until then, I suppose experimenting with making my own will have to do. Earlier this week we had two brioche-style buns (leftover from weekend burgers) and inspiration hit me…

While cooking two chicken-apple sausage patties, I generously buttered and toasted the buns on the same griddle. So nice and indulgent. I then took extra care to make a velvety (as much as I could), fluffy omelette (with dill, milk, and salt) to fold and place on top. 

My wife has mentioned this sandwich to me, and to others, multiple times this week. 

It was wonderful

I’m considering this sandwich as the base, a foundation to build upon. I have many more ideas for varieties that I plan to make very soon.

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