30 Days of Gratitude: Day 3


Write down three things that went well in your day and (this is important!) why they went well. 
  1. This morning’s breakfast scramble came out very well, scrambling a few eggs with red bell pepper, green onion, Canadian bacon, and spinach. Topped with some sriracha and I was very happy. I didn’t feel rushed, and wasn’t trying to do multiple things at the same time. I followed my routine for this, chopping the veggies, sautéing them and the Canadian bacon, adding the spinach, and then adding the eggs. Just focused on completing the one task.
  2. I made substantial progress in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Rather that sit and try to play through as much as I could in one sitting, I tried to play in increments. I gave myself goals to reach and actions to take when I succeeded, like “after I beat this boss, I’m going to clean up the kitchen”. This built in some natural breaks where I could take my mind off of the game, releasing some of the intensity, and still accomplishing some “chores” throughout the morning.
  3. I ate one of the best Honeycrisp apples that I have ever had, today. It was so good; juicy and tart, with just a touch of being sweet. It makes a big difference when I can go to the store (Sprouts) and choose my own produce, rather than order grocery delivery and depend on someone else’s judgement.

The “30 Days of Gratitude challenge” prompts are from Screen/Life Balance and author Catherine Price.