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Week of gaming

I look quite proud of myself here.

This was a pretty easy going week. On Monday I felt energized and did enough to get ahead on both work and school fronts so, I found myself with a lot of spare time (good) to spend doing non-productive things (also good, IMHO). I spent an embarrassing amount of that time with the Nintendo Switch Lite, after letting is sit for months, at first setting out to play my way through as many Mario series games (Starting with the original Super Mario Bros) possible but, I was quickly sidetracked when I opened Zelda: Link’s Awakening just to “check it out”. 

Though it’s a remake of the Gameboy version, I never played the original so everything in this one feels new to me. I love the artwork and visuals, not to mention the characters from other Nintendo properties. It’s weird and fun to have Link stomp on Goombas (from the Mario series). Most of the gaming time is spent with this. 

I also appreciate Tetris 99 for a quick match between calls/tasks. In this version, you’re matched against other players (online) and it’s a trip. A very fun trip. And I definitely cannot leave out Untitled Goose Game, something I play when I'm feeling particularly anarchist.

The Switch is great for its flexibility. I opted for the Lite because I prefer playing in handheld mode, moving to different rooms, playing outside on the patio/porch, and throwing into my backpack to have with me when I go out. 

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