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X-T30 frustrations

Fujifilm X-T30 | 23.3 mm | f6.4 | 1/125 | ISO 400

I got frustrated with the camera, today. Specifically, I got frustrated with the X-T30. A lot of it can be chalked up to user error, much of which can be overcome with more use and practice with the camera itself. Possibly some menu and button customizations.

One of the main reasons thatI switched to the Fujifilm X system line is because a lot of the main functions are controlled by dials and outside buttons (as opposed to hidden in menus). It’s why I very much love using the X-T1. Everything I need is within reach.

The X-T30 is close. A lot of the dials are familiar and do exactly what I want. But I have an issue with button placement, some of which I find myself accidentally pressing all of the time. I’m looking at you Q button placed on the thumb grip!

Today, while out, I keep hitting the Q button and inadvertently changing the settings controlled by the front (ISO) and back (aperture) dials. It was aggravating.

As I said, most of this can be overcome with more practice. But I’m not sure that’s what I want to spent my time on. The X-T1, for me, fades into the background. I can change settings instinctively, and the tool itself fades into the background. That’s what I want in my cameras.

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