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Reducing delivery

Mahi-Mahi tacos from Dos Coyotes Border Grill

Delivery is awesome. Food delivery is, well... sometimes it brings tears to your eyes when you think about how amazing it can be.

No cooking? No mess to clean up? No need to put on pants to go out and interact with people? Sign me up.

I closed/deactivated/deleted all of my food delivery accounts (Postmates, Grubhub, Doordash, etc.), this week. Not to make any kind of statement (though, I do not like some of their practices) but because it's a lifestyle that I no longer want.

Amongst other reasons, I want:

  • to cook at home more often.
  • to have more control of the ingredients and food quality that I consume.
  • to reduce food waste (and the utensils and plastic bag waste that comes with delivery).
  • to stop ordering too much in order to meet the "delivery minimum".
  • to force myself back outside more often, to interact with people and experience places.
  • to "consume less from the internet".
  • to treat "eating out" like an occasion, not a routine.

This isn't to say that "I'm never ordering delivery again!". When those occasions occur, there's always the phone (who does that anymore?) and even ordering online, direct from the restaurant (not a service) without needing an account.

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