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Apple Hill, Placerville, CA


People in this area are obsessive about visiting Apple Hill during Fall. Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but, it’s definitely “the thing" to do. Apple Hill is a series of 50 local farms, near Placerville* where people can visit to pick apples, eat a variety of apple pastries and donuts, wander through arts and crafts booths, and more. 

We spent Saturday visiting three farms, High Hill RanchBoa Vista Orchards, and Abel’s Apple Acres. They’re three of the more popular, bigger farms, which was evident with the sheer amount of people at each one. High Hill had the most to do while Boa Vista had better overall prices. Abe’s Acres was a more intimate setting with a great area for kids. 


We had fun wandering around each of the three. it was nice (as always) to be out in fresh air and nature, while taking in the sites and sounds of these ranches. The arts and crafts booths were intriguing, though we didn't buy anything. The people watching was stellar.


I'm generally a fan of glazed donuts over others but, in the case of the glazed vs. sugar from Boa Vista, the sugar donuts won out. They were so, so good.


I will never not be entertained with the way that some people use quotation marks on signs.

Overall we had a fun time, and we're sure we'll be back to visit again. There are 47 other farms up there!

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