But next time, the camera comes with

Washington Circle Park, Washington, DC

The above photo was taken as I was walking from the metro stop to my hotel, passing Washington Circle Park (in DC). It was much darker than the picture shows but, all I had was my cameraphone and this was the only result that made me happy. This was one of the few times that I regretted not traveling with my camera.

There were a few other times that I regretted not taking my (Fujifilm X-T30) camera. I opted not to because I assumed that 1) I wouldn’t have time to take pictures, and 2) I didn’t want to carry more things with me (I like to travel light). 

Rather than dwell on whether leaving the camera behind was the right decision, I am happy that I at least had the cameraphone for the few times I did want to take pictures, and still was able to travel light.