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Five things for the week

Mid morning naps

1. Series Finales

I have been getting increasingly frustrated with the way The Big Bang Theory has been written for the past few seasons. It just stopped being funny and felt like the storylines were flat. Like no one was making an effort. This last season has been increasingly irritating because I kept expecting big things to happen being that it was the last season but, no... still flat.

Though, I will say, the series finale did end in a way that was fitting for the series. It was fun to watch that.

Now, here's hoping that Game of Thrones, with tonight's series finale, salvages something from the past few seasons...

2. Work-Life balance

Adjust your perspective to see and understand things differently. If you don't like what you see, what you learn, then make changes to what you can make changes to. My main thing? I need to get away from the feeling that I have to be working all the time. It's a feeling that I just can't shake. Even when I'm caught up with everything and have plenty of time to complete tasks, I feel hurried and stressed and feeling that I need to sit down and do it all. I feel guilty that I have free time. That's not right.

3. Read

Aguacero, by Patricia Engel - Wow. I love a good short story. This is a STELLAR short story.

Why Public Transportation Works Better Outside the U.S. - This is clearly evident anytime you travel to any modern city outside of the USA. There are cities and countries that are truly innovating and placing priorities on moving people around their city, without prioritizing automobiles. It's mind boggling how far behind our transit systems in, say New York City or DC compared to those in Seoul or London. I was more recently surprised by how efficient Austria was with their trains, buses, and street cars. We need to do more.

My ULTIMATE real world REVIEW of the FUJIFILM FUJINON 23mm f2 - This blog post, by Aiden Morgan, made me laugh at a time when I least expected (especially due to the post title) and at a time when I really appreciated the laugh.

4. Watched

In addition to the series finales mentioned above,

Jailbirds, s1 - Most of my enjoyment from watching this came from knowing that 1) this was taking pace in my city, and 2) I have driven by the "tower" a few times a week since we moved here. There really wasn't any character that I "followed" or found myself sympathizing with. I was fascinated with the use of the toilets for "fishing" and as "phones". I had to turn away from some of those scenes, though. Somewhat disgusting. Also, so much drama everywhere. Everyone is messy!

Lucifer, s4 - My wife was so happy that Netflix picked this show up (after it's cancellation from network tv) but, with reservations. I paid attention to ~75% of it while she watched and can honestly say, I find it tedious.

5. Listened

KCRW Good Food, May 18th - Roy Choi is doing some good, really needed things. Pay attention. And Bill Esparza's Taqueando sounds like something that I need to go to.

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