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Jones bbq sauce!

Like many (apparently), we went online to purchase some Jones BBQ sauce after seeing them in an episode of Queer Eye. It arrived over the weekend and I immediately started brainstorming some ideas to use it up. Their sauce is sweet and tangy. No, really... it's sweet and tangy. A little too much for my liking so, not something I would use as an everyday sauce. But, there are definite uses.

Grilled bbq shrimp

Grilled shrimp came to mind, first. Sweet and tangy goes well with shrimp (in my opinion). And, with the weather (warm) and light (yay for being lighter later in the day) cooperating, I grilled some up on Monday evening.

The skewers came out really well, with just the right amount of char on the shrimp and veggies. I also grilled some corn on the cob and zucchini to go with it. All in all, not a bad dinner for a Monday evening. It also felt really good to be outside in the evening after a long day in front of a computer (work).

This evening (Tuesday) I'll be using the rest of the bottle to make some shredded chicken sandwiches. That's one of our favorites, too!

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