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8 days in

8 days in

I'm pleasantly surprised at how quickly the heirloom tomatoes sprouted. Here they are on day 8, and they're almost starting to push against the domes.

My original plan was to turn the AeroGarden into an herb garden, and keep it in our kitchen for easy access. I also have some Shishito pepper seeds that I contemplated starting too. I even purchased a "Grow Anything" kit so that I can pick and choose my own herbs.

The model I purchased came with the heirloom tomato seeds and I thought, "it would be nice to have some tomatoes at the ready". I deliberated for a few days, herbs vs tomatoes, and settled on the tomatoes for now.

I'm actually kind of tempted to buy another AeroGarden so that I can grow both. I'm sure AeroGarden is happy to hear that.

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