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The Disease of More - My inner-minimalist keeps trying to surface. This isn't about minimalist of stuff, necessarily. It more spoke to finding balance and contentment with what you are doing with your life. An example would be salary; how much do you want to earn and why? And what happens when you get to earning that much? Would you then want to earn more, or will you truly be content with what you need?

What It’s Like to Grow Up With More Money Than You’ll Ever Spend - Speaking of earning and money, this is a small insight from someone with a lot of money and built-in potential to always make more. But she has tempered, in her way, what having money means and how that affects daily living.


Star Trek: Discovery, Season 1 - We caved and subscribed to CBS All Access, mainly to watch this show. My curiosity kept growing to the point where I just needed to check it out to see if it was worth paying (extra) for. In my opinion, it is. We binged Season 1 though the weekend and are already craving catching up on season 2.

Our Planet - I started watching this series (I'm just two episodes in) for the stunning visuals, much like the "Planet Earth" and "Blue Planet" series. I love content like this and have great appreciation for what (I understand) it takes to produce it. Imagine the sheer patience and amount of footage needed to get to their final cut.


I'm trying our a subscription to Apple Music and letting the "For You" playlists do their thing. They're not bad (so far), and I find that I'm discovering some new artists in the process. I'm still coming to terms with paying for a music subscription versus purchasing (digital or analog).

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