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The most Innovative Phone Cases are Made in a Los Angeles Shed - The lengths people will go in the name of their creativity is to be appreciated. Also, there's a lesson in here to just be/do you. It's an important lesson that we all need to learn over and over again.


Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse - Loved everything from the animation styles to the story to the diversity in the characters. It was also just a very fun movie.

Bumblebee -Almost, movie studios... almost got it right. You're just so so close. Ha! Nope. So many plot holes and "poor loner girl" clichés and continuity mistakes that it was all just too distracting for me to fully enjoy. At least you got the original Transformers' styles back. I need more Soundwave and Shockwave.


Song Exploder, ep. 156 Sharon Van Etten "Seventeen" - Song Exploder is one of my favorite podcasts. I really appreciate the artist breaking down their creative process for creating their music. And it "deepens" my appreciation of the work that was put into each of the tracks.

The Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse soundtrack. It’s too distracting (for me) while working but it sure is fun to play loudly while driving around town. 

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