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On drone photography

Photo by Khánh Phan on SkyPixel

I was looking through the https://www.skypixel.com/contests/2018 submissions and winners of the 2018 SkyPixel photography contest. It's a great collection of drone photography, really displaying what the medium is capable of.

I love the different perspectives that we're getting with drone photography. So much so that I started looking into purchasing a drone with the hope that the new perspective, and hobby, would help me work my way back into photographing new things.

The overall equipment cost acts as a bit of a deterrent for me. Even though I could afford to get into it (modestly) I still can't justify the cost against how often I might actually use the equipment. I then started thinking about my current blocks on photography. One of the reasons I have the kit that I do is because I just got tired of hauling equipment all over the place. I wanted small and light, a camera that I can thrown into a backpack. Not a camera backpack, mind you, but just a plain old backpack.

Just the thought of moving around with a drone and all of the accessories was enough to turn me off. Admittedly, I still toy with the idea though. I suppose I'm "drone-curious" right now.

Now, what I want more than a drone is an eagle trained to take them down. Now that would be fun!

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