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Use what you got.

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I put my iPhone in a box... It's the camera that I use when I want to just take snapshots or pictures to casually communicate with. It's not a "real" camera. If I want to do "real" photography, then I need to get my Fujifilm gear out and use it. If I'm traveling, I need to take a "real" camera with me if I plan to do any photography. My phone, alone, will not do. After all, it's not a real camera.

This Three Blind Men and an Elephant video was intriguing. Hugh Brownstone and Cliff Pickett have a great conversation about phone photography and its merits and capabilities. After viewing it, I realized that (as usual) I was over-thinking things.

A camera is a camera is a camera.


The adage "the best camera is the one you have with you" is true. I need to work this to the front of my mind and remove the blocks I have on any of my equipment. I think this can apply to any devices, really. Why be selective about keyboards? Laptops vs desktops? Whether you can be productive on phones or tablets? Or anything else, really?

Use what you got.

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