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Mark Manson's "The Disease of More" - This appeared as a suggested read in my Pocket recommendations. It is a fantastic read and one that made me think a little deeper about the things and processes around me. This not only pertains to tangible items but, the the space for thought, productivity, and creativity that I have in my mind as well. It's a good read and one that I think I will be revisiting again as I continue to clean up and simplify, all in the name of improving my focus and being able to clearly identify the things that matter to me.


Love, Death + Robots - There are a few things that I liked about this series. I like the different animation styles. I like the short story format, and wish we saw more of this storytelling format in all media. Sometimes network series are just too long. We don't need a 22+ episode season! I also liked that they were much "deeper" and "darker" stories, what Netflix termed as "adult". There is some controversy around the amount of female nudity and how it's used in the stories, which I can understand why (there's controversy). Overall I enjoyed the series very much, and am looking forward to another season.

Doomsday Preppers - Throughout the day, when I take my breaks, it's really noticeable how quiet it is around the house. So I have taken to streaming something on Netflix while I make lunch and/or need time away from my work screens. I saw this (on Netflix) and was morbidly curious so, I played a few episodes. It's... interesting. I don't think that the preppers are "crazy". In fact, I giver some the benefit of the doubt as I'm sure the series is setup and edited to make them look a little extreme. Though I do question some of the preppers' motives and tactics. If I take anything from this series it's that I need to have some emergency supplies on hand in case of floods, earthquake, or another natural disaster.


Again, nothing specific to point out here. Like last week, when I had my headphones on I was either on a conference call or just had my music set to shuffle.

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