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Five things for the week

  1. New Zealand... It's still unfathomable that there is this much hate in the world, and that there are individuals acting on this hate.
  2. We can donate money and goods, and spread words of positivity, empathy, and acceptance... but, I want to know what I can do. There has to be more.
  3. I know that I can start with things that I can control. I can control being a better person, and continually looking for and learning how to be a better person. I can control being more compassionate and empathetic to those around me, accepting all of their differences; even learning to find joy in those differences. And, I can live my life with deliberate, positive actions.
  4. Every one can be better at any thing.
  5. There's a routine... no, a rhythm to life that is different for every individual. I will start listening closer to my own. This will help me respect and learn from others'.

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