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Fearing for His Life - Retaliation and being powerless to it... those are two of my biggest fears. If all of this article is true, what can we do about any of it?

Mak and bium: imperfection and emptiness in Korean aethetics - "In traditional Korean hanok houses, a courtyard – a space of literal emptiness in the architectural sense – anchors the household with a public void. Their architecture is in different ways saturated by both the calm vacancy of bium and by the informal directness of mak." One of my dreams is to live in a hanok. If I ever come into money, I'm buying some land and having one built on it.

How to Play with Your Food Like an Asian American - "As the diaspora of Asian America expands, so does the diaspora of our food — and its reflection in cookbooks." Christine Lee's piece on Double Awesome Chinese Food does a great job explaining the role cookbooks have in culture. Maangchi's Real Korean Cooking helps me better relate and understand my ethnic cuisine. But, if I could be so bold, Roy Choi's LA Son is something I far better relate to, as a Korean American from Southern Ca. I can't wait to make that Red Curry Frito Pie (recipe at end of the article).


Parks and Recreation - To kill some time, I watched the last four episodes of this series (on Netflix). I forget how good this show was; how funny and true to character the storylines stay. I also love the way the last episode jumped into the future to show what they were up to.


I don't have anything specific to highlight here. When I had my headphones on I was either on a conference call or just had my music set to shuffle.

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