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Envious of my cat's naps


The other day, I looked over at the couch and noticed our cat sleeping like this (above photo). I marveled at the fact that she was sound asleep and setup in almost a perfect triangle. Seriously, look at her hind legs and the way her back is arched.

Most of my mornings start early as most of the team I work with are located in time zones ahead of me. This actually works out for me because, usually, by the time the conference calls and email traffic slows, it's just early afternoon for me so I have the remainder of the afternoon to put on the headphones and pound out documents on my keyboard.

But I also wend up hitting a mid-afternoon wall. And when I hit this wall, I hit it hard.

I often consider working a short nap into the middle of the day. There are so many benefits to this, proven by research, and known with just common sense. But the old "office worker" mentality gets in my way. "I can't nap in the middle of the day! What if someone sees me? I need to be working nonstop until I clock out!"

I am very privileged and grateful to be able to work remotely. I've said, many times, I feel more in my element, more productive, more creative, being able to work remotely. I get far more done in far less time. I get my creature comforts (my own bathroom, my pantry and kitchen, being able to wear casual clothing, etc.) and can change my scenery just by taking my laptop to anywhere else there is a wireless network. It's a good gig.

So, why couldn't I work in a nap? What's stopping me? As long as I'm still getting my work done, attending calls, and being responsive when needed, then there really isn't a good reason not to, right?

I just can't sleep in a triangle.

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